About Ceramics Academy

I began Ceramics Academy after a friend suggested that online streaming videos would be a great way to teach mold making and slip casting to a broad audience without them having to be in the studio with me, or take a one of my workshops.  (I do encourage people to attend my workshops!)  Immediately I could see the potential for it to be something engaging for many ceramic artists.  As it is said, 'all great trees start from a seed.'  

Over time you will see new courses, features, and content appear.  What they will be?  Check back to see.  I have some exciting streaming videos, and materials from other artists in the works.

For now, sign up for the CA Newsletter and receive a 45-minute video - "Quantum Leap: Make Your First Slip Cast Pot in 4 Pain-free Steps" and subscribe to Course 1, "Stretching the Circle". 

When you sign up for a course, you will be able to participate in monthly webinars to discuss your projects and ask me questions.  

Enjoy the unfolding project that is Ceramics Academy and share it with your friends on the social links below.

Ciao for now,

Andrew Martin

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