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Course 1

Stretching the Circle:
Mastering the Basics of Mold Making and Slip Casting

15 streaming tutorial videos on the basics of design, making prototypes,
fabricating one-piece and two-piece molds, the basics of understanding casting slip, and casting the new molds.

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Course 1

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  1. Tools Basics for Design, Mold Making and Slip Casting

  2. Design Basics. Part 1 of 3 videos on design.  How to use simple paper cut out shapes to develop new forms, including a primer introducing design  language and process of design.  31 Minutes.

  3. Template Basics.  Pat 1 of 3 on fabricating prototype armatures for prototypes from paper cut out shapes

  4. Plaster Basics - calculation,  mixing, pouring,  frosting, and frost & pour combination molds.

  5. Project 1:  Making a tumbler prototype using one template 

  6. Project 2:  Making two different bowl prototypes using one template shape 

  7. Project 3:  Making a plate prototype with two template shapes

  8. Project 4:  Make a plaster prototype by filling a sculpted 'hole' with plaster

  9. Project 5:  Make a plaster prototype by sculpting wet plaster- two example

  10. Project 6: Sawing plaster to create a prototype for a bowl

  11. Project 7:  Make a cup with a recessed foot and a two-piece handle mold

  12. Project 8:  Make a prototype and an a mold from an existing plastic cup

  13. Project 9: Make a mold for a solid-cast tile

  14. Project 10: Make a two-piece mold with a separate base for a large bowl

  15. Project 11: Duplicating a plate mold for production

Program Format

  • 15 steaming video tutorials, 11 of these are projects

  • Assignments and suggestions of forms to make with each project

  • Regular video webinars with Andrew Martin.

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