Course 2

Casting Your work in a New Light

Intermediate Design, Templates, Lids, Feet, Handles, Slip Formulation

13 Videos & Course Workbook

  1. Tools Basics for Mold Making and Slip Casting

  2. Design Part 2 - Intermediate  

  3. Templates Part 2 - Systems for more complex forms

  4. The Mechanics of Multiple Part Molds

  5. Project 9:  Carving a Prototype from "Cheese" Hard Clay

  6. Project 10:  Making a bowl with an attached foot 

  7. Project 11:  Turing a plaster prototype on a Wheel

  8. Project 12:  Make a plaster prototype in a  wheel thrown Form

  9. Project 13:  Make footed form using horizontally 'stacked' templates

  10. Project 14:  Inset Lids

  11. Project 15:  Cap Lids

  12. Project 16:  More Variations on Handles

  13. Decoration Basics - 

Are you an artist or designer (amateur, student, or professional) wanting to learn how to:

·         make new forms that are “out-of-round”

·         make exact multiples of an original form (pottery or sculpture)

·         design and produce forms that can be made by others

·         make forms that you cannot make with a pottery wheel

·         make simple molds of complex forms

 “Stretching the Circle” from Ceramics Academy teaches you:

·         the technicalities of mold making and slip casting -step-by-step

·         how to further develop your creative and design impulses that drive your artistic process. 

By the end of the Course 1 you will be able to make one and two-piece molds of pots or sculptures of any shape and make as many of them as you like!

Click here for more details on Course 1: Stretching the Circle

Program Format

·         14 video tutorials,

·         PDF text of each project,

·         assignments

·         Monthly video webinars with Andrew Martin.

Click here for more details of "Stretching the Circle"

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