Akio Takamori

When I decided to go to art school, I wanted to choose a program other than the painting program which everybody else was applying to. After two years in the industrial ceramic program, I became an apprentice at a traditional domestic production pottery workshop. Then after two years of training, I transferred to Kansas City Art Institute where I studied under Ken Ferguson. He encouraged me to fully open my curiosity to the world. 


from "Children"

The Laughing Monks

 I was very inspired by Picasso’s ceramics and loved looking at the historical ceramic objects from around the world in museums as a young student.  

Three Women

I am still very much interested in finding the worthiness of humanity through those artifacts. I tried many possibilities working with clay as a student but in the end I had to ask myself what I like the best. 

I liked drawing on the clay surface and dealing with the human figures, that I took as my emphasis. As I developed my style of my working, I realized that I could limit myself by working within the self established procedures. I moved from making functional potteries to vessel forms and then to the sculptures. I go back and forth as I like now.  


What I like working with clay is the opportunities for developing the work through the process. What the  process of working requires was often frustrating when I was young but later I realize the process actually was enhancing my creativity. I have met many people through my career and received encouragements, support and stimulations, perhaps I would not be making artwork without them.

Older work

Akio Takamori



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